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The Hatred for Tiger Woods

Since the news of Tiger's horribly bad choices which led to his infidelity, I have been shocked by the outpouring of hatred directed at him and even more shocked that some years later, this hatred has not abated in the slightest. In fact, this hatred seems even stronger now.

I struggle to find an answer. One would think that he was the first man to have ever done such horrible things.  In addition, the vehement outcries I have read in so many posts seem to imply that in some way Tiger PERSONALLY hurt or affected those who react in this manner. Odd.

Several US presidents were known for similar indiscrections, including, Franklin D Roosevelt, John Kennedy and most recently, Bill Clinton, just to name a few. Let us not forget a certain govenor of California. Countless other US politicians, corporate icons, sports figures, Hollywood actors and actresses, not to mention millions of regular everyday people have done the same things down through the ages. I canot recall any of the more well known or famous perpetrators that were ever villified to the extent that Tiger Woods has been.

The following are the first few paragraphs from "The Phallic Presidency: The Clinton Scandals and the Yugoslav War as Purity Crusades" written for the Journal of Psychohistory, by Lloyd deMause:


Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Buchanan, Cleveland, Wilson, Harding, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Bush, Clinton, adulterers, fathers of illegitimate children, prostitute chasers, sex addicts. Why do Americans so often choose as leaders men who betray and humiliate their wives with their compulsive sex affairs rather than mature men who are capable of loving their wives and not betraying them? 

It is no coincidence that of the thirteen womanizer presidents listed above, all but two also commanded major military ventures, while the twenty-eight other presidents who were not unfaithful were more peaceful. It is useful to ask the obvious question: might nations, when they are ready to go to war, unconsciously choose their leaders as some primitive tribes do, for their ability to conquer both women and enemies?

The consensus about Clinton initially was that, because he was a "draft dodger" during Vietnam, he wouldn't take America to war. Yet even before Yugoslavia this was quite untrue. Clinton, according to Ramsey Clark's book, The Children Are Dying: The Impact of Sanctions on Iraq,managed through his embargo of Iraq to kill one million Iraqi children, nearly as many as the number of Jewish children that were killed in the Holocaust! Clinton's delegated role in America seems to be to provide sacrificial victims in a way that doesn't stir up our guilt feelings: in Iraq by his "invisible" killing of children, in Yugoslavia by focusing on the expulsions of Kosovars that his bombing triggered and even in the case of his own scandals, where he provided America for a whole year with himself as a suitable victim to punish for our sins.

Another interesting article, this one written by Kirk O. Hanson of Santa Clara University, dealt with cheating, and opened with the following paragraphs:

Cheating. What could be more American? From the snake oil salesmen of the late 19th century to the stock manipulators of the 1920s to the spitballers of modern baseball. But today it seems absolutely everybody is doing it. We cheat, or at least try to cheat in every aspect of our lives. One out of four Americans surveyed say it's acceptable to cheat on their taxes. Former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski sends paintings he bought to a New Hampshire address to cheat New York State out of the sales tax. College bound students cheat on the SAT tests. Teachers cheat by giving their students the answers to standardized tests so the teachers qualify for bonuses. Athletes cheat by using performance-enhancing drugs. Successful authors cheat by appropriating others' writing as their own. Even colleges steeped in honor codes, the University of Virginia and the US Naval Academy have been rocked by massive cheating scandals in recent years.

After a depressing 2002 in which corporate executives too numerous to count cheated shareholders by fudging their accounts or manipulating markets, we have to ask whether cheating has become the new national norm. We have always had a few cheaters among us, but has the typical American now lost his or her moral compass? Have we lost our fundamental commitment to integrity and fair play? First of all, why do people cheat? There are two simple answers, neither very noble. People cheat to get ahead, even if they don't qualify for the advancement and even if they can't win a fair competition. Such people don't care about anyone else but themselves. This adult lies about the toaster he broke so he can get a full refund. The teenager lies about her age to save money on a movie ticket. The other reason is simple laziness.

It seems to me that cheating, including unfaithfulness, is far more common than most would admit and I know Tiger Woods is not the first sporting figure or famous person to have done this nor will he be the last. One suspects, as I mentioned in an old post on the CBS boards, that there are lot of pots and kettles pointing fingers.

In view of all this and after a few years of rumination on this subject, I shudder to think of what the real reason for this intense hatred of Tiger Woods might be. I could understand such hatred if it were directed at all of the disgusting individuals involved in the Penn State fiasco.The people involved, whether their involvement included molesting little boys OR simply NOT saying or DOING anything about, it are deserving of the kind of hatred and disgust that has been directed at Tiger Woods.


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On August 24, 2011, my dearest friend of 27 years, Elmer Klassen passed away in a tragic accident.

Since his tragic and untimely passing I have had the opportunity for much reflection, with the greatest part of that reflection devoted to the long and happy friendship my wife, daughter and I shared with Elmer.

We were destined to meet and our connection with each other was almost  instantaneous. Our friendship blossomed quickly as we shared many common interests such as the love of music, both listening and playing, particularly jazz. We also shared an intense love of boats and water, technology, electronics, doing work with both our brains and hands, and of course beer. This included reading about beer, talking about beer, making beer, and, it goes without saying, drinking beer.

Our friendship was forged during the time we completed a two year program in computer maintenance technology together, with he completing the course in 10 months and I in 11.

We moved on to what in retrospect was probably the most exciting time in our lives. Elmer attained a position with General Office Machines, A company that sold and maintained complex money counting, sorting and wrapping equipment. This unique blend of mechanical and electronic and computer technologies was perfect for Elmer's prodigious talents and he quickly became an invaluable asset to General Office Machines.

I landed a position with Strachan Computers and cut my teeth on the very first personal computers ever available. This was during a time when there was no internet or Google so the solutions that both Elmer and I needed to perform our duties for our respective companies came from our fertile and very active minds and over time we both proved ourselves more than worthy of the task.

A few years after we met, our daughter Denise was born. Both Elmer and his brother Rick lived with Donna and I at the time so they have both been an integral and cherished part of our daughter's life.

Naturally they became uncle Elmer and uncle Rick and they, along with our beautiful circle of friends enriched Denise's life with love, caring and excellent guidance. We only had a babysitter 2 times during Denise's childhood because she came with us wherever we went and this close association, particularly with Elmer, we had not only developed our own unique individual bonds with Elmer but Donna, Denise and I developed an additional bond with us as a family being one part of that bond and Elmer the other.

Elmer was the most giving, caring and easy going person I have ever known and probably will ever know. The richness of his love and affection have provided me with comfort and happiness that only a true friend can give. I only hope that I was able to provide the same for him during our years together.

Our friendship was so special that we could sit and talk for hours or like countless other times, sit and say nothing for hours and feel each as close to the other in heart and mind.  We spoke sometimes about when we sat on the boat for hours without saying a word and we were both in agreement that those times were equally as gratifying as the times when we talked endlessly. Just being together was gratifying for both of us.

I was so fortunate to have seen Elmer the day before his death and our last words to each other were, as always, I love you.

Farewell Elmie, my brother of a different mother. I will see you when I come to join our ancestors.

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Open net cage fish farming

I realize this blog is in no way related to sport but I must get this off my chest.

The waters of my ancestral home in the Broughton Archipelago, a part of Kingcome Inlet in British Columbia, Canada, are rife with vile open net cage fish farms. These fish farms are owned and operated by Marine Harvest, a Norwegian company plying their trade in our waters because what they are doing is illegal in Norway.

Our governments, on all levels and in particular at the provincial and federal levels have played a masterful game of misinformation. With this tactic and the aid of a few corporate scientists they have managed very well to misinform the public about the dangers of this type of aquaculture.

These fish farms have caused the collapse of the pink salmon run in the Broughton Archipelago and the people who live in this isolated area have watched it happen before their very eyes while people living thousands of miles away have made the decisions that have brought about this horrible result.

One of the greatest problems associated with this type of aquaculture are the lice that attach themselves to salmon fry as they attempt to leave on their journey to the sea. Since the salmon fry are very small they must swim relatively close to land which is where most of the fish farms are located. As they pass by the fish farms they are beset upon by lice and as a result many are killed, disfigured and for the most part, rendered useless.

Many of the world's most noted scientists and the prestigious journals in which they write are in agreement that this is a recognized, documented and well known problem associated with open net cage fish farming and without doubt the foremost cause of the collapse of not only the pink salmon run in the Broughton but many large salmon runs involving all species of Pacific salmon along the coast of British Columbia.
It pains me to think of the observations that early Europeans made, in particular the British, who noted that my aboriginal ancestors appeared lazy, with no thought to the accumulation of wealth or to what may come tomorrow. Time has shown that my ancestors gave more thought to tomorrow than any other culture that appeared in this land. They took less when there was less to take and took only slightly more in times of plenty, never giving any thought to personal gain through the accumulation of more than was necessary. They had no equal in their husbandry of the land and resources, ever mindful of the delicate balance of nature and their power to cause imbalance through either miscalculation or greed.

Now my ancestral waters face an imbalance of tragic proportions and may well be changed beyond all hope of restoration to its former condition and all pleas for attention and assistance fall upon greedy and deaf ears. Ears that are attached to government officials whom are charged with the welfare of the land and the people who inhabit it. Those ears are also attached to corporations  and scientists who should hang their heads in shame for the untruths they spout on behalf of their governmental and corporate masters.
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